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AUN Students Week 2017


AUN Students week is a credit earning (3MC) two weeks programme held in Indonesia and hosted by Universitas Indonesia. The program invites ASEAN University Network students from different disciplines to come together and experience Indonesia's diverse culture as well as learning the cultures of other ASEAN member states. Among the countries who joined the first AUN Students Week are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

The main theme for the program is sustainable development through multidisciplinary approach, what is it and how to spread awareness. As part of its multiple educational approach, the program offered students an outside learning experience that includes internship visits to exemplary local healthcare sites named PusKesMas Pasar Rebo, short for Pusat Kesihatan Masyarakat Pasar Rebo, rehabilitated urban areas Kalijodo Park which was once known to be Jakarta’s biggest red-light district, and Indonesia’s first national park located close to the city of Jakarta called Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park. There are also seven in-class lectures delivered by top Indonesian scholars, delivering lectures within their expertise.

During the span of the program, the university paired us with twelve selected students from Universitas Indonesia to become our informal ‘buddy’ who joined us in the planned itinerary. We were brought on a cultural day visit to the capital city of Jakarta where we went to the Maritime Museum, National Museum, the Kota Tua and the National Monument (Monas). On a separate day, we visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah to take a look at the replica of the traditional houses that represents the different ethnics and the diversity of Indonesia. I personally enjoyed the cultural classes where we were taught the traditional dance called Mitreka originated from the Sulawesi region, the traditional music class called the Arumba, and designing my own batik handkerchief.

Towards the end of the program, we were given few assignments - an individual essay on “How could ASEAN cooperation enhance sustainable development in the region with one or multidisciplinary analysis” and a group presentation on “Knowing Indonesia, Knowing My Country and Ways to Foster ASEAN cooperation” where I teamed up with students from University of Mandalay, Myanmar and also Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

The two weeks spent in Indonesia is something that one could not possibly get when they were just visiting as a tourist in the country as there is nothing like immersing yourself in the daily lives and the culture of others. I am a big advocate for learning outside of the class, the experiences I have gained from the activities, the site visits, and the people that I met along the way has made me feel like I was part of them, and they have truly made a lasting impression.

— Amal Azhanie Haziqah Bte Pg Hj Abd Kadir

Group photo with Prof. Dr. Topo Santoso, Dean Faculty of Law (top, 6th from L), Prof. Dr. Bambang Wibawarta (top, 7th from L) and Prof. Melda Kamil Adriano (top, 8th from L)

Ending our tour day with a group photo inside the Monas tower.

Each of us proudly showing our batik

We took a class on how to play traditional music instruments