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Research Students in Kampong Ayer


Students from the Module AV/AD-3307 Sustainability Research Through Experiential Learning have been continuing their individual research for the project: “The Significance of Kampong Ayer in Becoming a World Heritage site in Brunei Darussalam”, under the guidance of Dr. Shafi Noor Islam.

As part of the requirement of this module, students have to visit and investigate the site. Seven students visited Kampong Ayer on 21 October 2017.


Kampong Ayer is unique. It has important historical value and is a symbol of Brunei's identity and traditions. However, no conservation programme has been prepared for the area. Furthermore, is hard to justify the retention of Kampong Ayer “as a way of life” when so many facilities are now on land. Kampong Ayer could undergo considerable change in the future.

If the area is to be conserved, it is vital to maintain the position of the Kampong Ayer as a desirable place to live. Therefore proper sewerage system or solid waste collection services should be implemented and must be flexible in order to accommodate both reduction and increase in the number of dwellings to be served. High infrastructure investment is not warranted in those areas that are subject to redevelopment.

Water is a key element for the Kampong Ayer environment. Preservation and conservation of the water and the quality of the environment are key criteria for a UNESCO would heritage site nomination. The place must be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, either land-use or sea-use, which is representative of a culture, or human interaction with the environment, especially when it is vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change. The protection, management, authenticity and integrity of properties are also important considerations. Since 1992 significant interactions between the people and the natural environment have been recognized as cultural landscapes, and based on this statement from the UNESCO, Kampong Ayer is a potential cultural landscape site that should be preserved.




The research students have carried out the following individual research topics:


Under the Urban Agricultural Landuse project, one piece of research has been carried out on the following topic: