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Environmental and Geography Students in Katimahar


In semester II 2017, 148 students from the modules AD-4308 Landuse and Development and AV-2308 / AV-2312 Introduction to Geomatics participated in an expedition to Katimahar arranged by the Department of Geography, Development and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). The excursion was organised by Dr. Shafi Noor Islam.

The following objectives were the main task for this field trip:


Dr. Shafi Noor Islam with the owner of Katimahar Agrofarm, Haji Jainul, and a group of students.

The queue of cars on the way to Katimahar from the UBD Campus.


Banana cultivation in Katimahar.

The banana that is cultivated is a wonderfully nutritious green banana, offering fresh hope to the farmers and stakeholders.

Students actively participatied in all activities in Katimahar.

A special lecture arranged with the cooperation of the Survey Department, Ministry of Development, Government of Brunei Darussalam.

The students listened attentively to the lecture and instructions. 20 officers from the Survey Department and 4 lecturers from UBD (Dr. Shafi Noor Islam, Dr. Siti Mazidah Binti Mohammad, Ms. Nor Zurianie Binti Haji Kamarulzaman, and Ms. Khainunnessa Hj Ibrahim) participated in hte lecture.

Students preparing for the lecture on surveying and geomatics issues in Katimahar.

The students taking a rest under shade in preparation for the field work.

Students crossing the small river channel entering the main Katimahar Agro Park.

Students practicing land surveying in Katimahar Agro Park, using GPS and Theodolite.

The students split into two groups, one practicing land use survey methods, and the other investigating soil conditions.

Students learning about the land use processes and survey methods inside the Agro Park.

Students involved in the land use survey.

An officer from the Survey Department leading the land use survey team.

Learning about systematic action on land use practices.

The small river flowing through the Katimahar green forest areas.

Students moving to the land and soil investigation areas in Katimahar.

Students and their instructors heading back to the seating area the Agro Park shaded after completing the survey practice.

Dr. Shafi Noor Islam with students in Katimahar Agro Park.

Students showing the victory sign as they walk through Katimahar Agro Park.

Fifi and Hazwah was experimenting the soil development and slope system in Katimahar.

Nur Rafiqah Fifi (13b8170) was investigating the landscape slope. She stated, “Overall the trip was very helpful and educational terms. It’s eye-opening to know the uniqueness of the Katimahar. I learned more during the fieldtrip, especially regarding the maturity of the soil. Furthermore, it was a good yet exciting trip because I related the theory I learned before to the site area“

Hazwah Ali (13b8165) stated, “Dr. Shafi also taught us about soil formation, soil quality, and its fertility. Thank you for organizing this trip for all of us.”


The students were happy to participate in the field trip. They are actively participated in all activities related to the field investigation they enjoyed and leant something practical.



“The trip was eye opening. Without the trip I would not know the existence of Agro Tech Park at Katimahar. The trip was really exciting to see how the local community initiates agricultural diversification. This certainly will help Brunei Darussalam in achieving its vision 2035 which is enhancing agricultural development. Thank you Dr. Shafi for arranging such a nice scientific field trip.” [Awg Mohaidi (13b1001) and Aqilah Shahalan (13B1006)]


"Finally the largest field trip was organized and I was really excited to be in the field. The Katimahar field trip was interesting as it is a far and new rural area. We reached there after a long car queue (42 cars and one bus). It felt like a family gathering but within this environment we learned a lot." [Nurul Hazizan (13B1110)].



"We enjoyed the field trip in Katimahar for the rural land use changing pattern. The programme in Environmental Studies is really a modern subject and helpful for our future careers. This is our last semester at UBD and we enjoyed and learnt some things new every semester in field trips. Thank you Dr. Shafi for your efforts in organizing such a nice land use related fieldtrip in 2017." [Qistina (13B1085), DK Aqilah (13b1109) and Qasrina (13B1259)]


“Good trip – very educational and informative. I never knew that Katimahar Agro Park existed, and all the animals, plants, and agricultural land use helps in maintaining the natural state of the area, unlike urban planning. Urbanization does not takes place in those area, therefore natural environment is retained.” [Amal Qistina Ali (13b1085)]



"The field trip in Katimahar and Bandar areas was fun and educational." [Dyg Liew Su En (13B1137)]


I would like to thank the Survey Department, Ministry of Development, Government of Brunei Darussalam for their active support in the demonstration of land use survey practices in Katimahar. A special thanks also to the Dean and Assistant Registrar of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and Mr. Khairul of the Registrar Office for their constructive support for arranging this fieldtrip to Katimahar …… Dr. Shafi Noor Islam.