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Impact 2017 – A Greater Spectacle

Impact 2017: Art and Design Graduation Exhibition – A Greater Spectacle is the fifth annual Art and Creative Technology (ACT) graduation exhibition to be held at the Art Gallery, Chancellor Hall, on the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) campus from 12 April to 20 May 2017.

The opening of the exhibition was officiated on 12th April 2017 in the lobby of the Chancellor Hall by UBD's Assistant Vice Chancellor (Global Affairs), Dr Joyce Teo Siew Yean.

Also in attendance were Dato Paduka Hj Idris Hj Abas, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) Dr David Koh, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Dr Hjh Asiyah Hj Ahmad Kumpoh, Principle Officers of UBD and sponsors.

The exhibition is open to the public starting on Thursday, 13th April 2017 and will conclude on Saturday, 20th May 2017. Gallery hours are from 9am to 7pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday, while the Art Gallery is closed on Friday and Sunday.

This ambitious large-scale art and design exhibition offers invaluable opportunities and experiences to the Bachelor of Art graduates majoring in the ACT programme to contribute their creative talents to Brunei's creative industries.

This year's cohort of 54 final year ACT students are exhibiting their innovative art and design projects at the UBD Art Gallery this April.

Through cultural sensitivity, inventive imagination, and artistic exploration, ACT students have created new means for expressing their views and concepts involving subjects ranging from personal struggle and loss events to social and cultural issues and formal Western and Islamic art.

No matter what exhibition designs their art projects express, they all carry a unique story or creative concept.

These stories or concepts are told through well-executed original paintings, murals, sculptures, photographs, videos, computer graphics, animated video games, product designs and mixed media installations.

Taken together, these collective efforts continue the pulse of the last four years of pectacle Exhibitions. Impact 2017 – A Greater Spectacle, and this promises to be the largest and most expansive Spectacle yet.

The journey of these 54 gifted student artists and designers over the past four years of their ACT study has culminated in this graduation exhibition.

This exhibition reflects not only the creative spirit and critical thinking of each participating student, but their collective consciousness as well.

Their capstone projects in some way answer the call of a collective responsibility towards illuminating topics like spiritual values, natural beauty, ethnical values, personal suffering and growth, social issues, and cultural heritage.

Other timely themes are aesthetics, preservation of nature, animal protection, education, family values, nostalgia, traditional crafts, abstract expression, cultural diversity, and imaginative animated video.

Impact 2017 – A Greater Spectacle shows how contemporary fine art can be a valuable component for collating this young generation's concerns through powerful visual expressions.

Fine Art is a term that usually brings to mind something like well executed paintings and critically acclaimed sculptures. However, the concept of what falls under this broad umbrella category of almost limitless objects and their expressed ideas is one that can never be exhausted.

Contemporary fine art relies on innovative ideas and touches on topics such as the way we live, and what is happening in our society.

The content of the work often represents evolving historical, cultural, economic, and social process and changes that reflects contemporary concerns and interests.

Impact 2017: Art and Design Graduation Exhibition – A Greater Spectacle is a collective presentation, which displays a part of what defines an individual, or a place, time, culture, or society.

Each artwork represents an encapsulated focus on either a social issue or on a well referenced intellectual concern about what constitutes a work of art as an aesthetic object.

Some students are interested in creating visual works that examine certain art movements or fine art concerns, such as art theory.

Visual art is a rich currency for expressing ideas in a language that can be readily understood by people from diverse backgrounds and culture without the need for a translator.

Impact 2017 – A Greater Spectacle shares with audiences the students' visions for a wider acceptance of aesthetics and respect for culture, life, and the environment.

Their art projects prove that their dreams are already turning to be a reality, making Brunei's society better and its future brighter.

Contemporary visual art plays a significant role in shaping our perceptions about the life of people around the world.

If you are interested in viewing innovative paintings, murals, sculptures, photographs, computer graphics, videos, animations, graphic designs, product designs and installations, then you will find Impact 2017 – A Greater Spectacle, a spectacular visual art event. This year's graduation exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to leisurely enjoy a kaleidoscope of innovative and visually striking artworks.


(For the full brochure, click here.)