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Breaking the Habit

Badan Pergerakan Mahasiswa/i Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (bpmFASS) conducted an event called “Breaking The Habit” that was held for one week from 6th February until 12th February 2017. The objectives of the event were to create a meaningful practice for the youth on the importance of acts of kindness as well as to raise funds to be donated to SMARTER.

On 6th February 2017, the official ceremony for Breaking the Habit was held at CLT foyer where the guest of honor was the Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Dr Hjh Asiyah Az-Zahrah Hj Ahmad Kumpoh, accompanied by Assistant Registrar Ryan Lim Sei Heng and Asmali Hj Sulaiman. Also invited to the ceremony were the Vice President of SMARTER, Pg Zamri bin Pg Hj Bujang, and the Treasurer, Mrs Siew Kuan Keasberry. The official ceremony started off with a welcoming speech by the chairperson of the event, Muhammad Adib bin Hj Masri. After the presentation of souvenirs, the invited guests were given a tour of the booths, some of which were exhibitors from UBD clubs such as Korean Culture Club, UBD Fitness Club, Muslim Youth Club (MYC) and Quranic Generation (QuGen) as well as the local Non-Government Organisation, Service and Community Outreach Training (SCOT). These exhibitors were invited in order to promote the aim of the event, spreading positivity and kindness.

On 7th February 2017, a fitness drive was conducted to encourage the youth to stay healthy and to show that by doing exercise, individuals can release their negativity and turn it into something positive. This drive was held in front of the Business Library, and it was led by UBD Fitness Club.

On the same day, another activity, ‘Senseless Breakthrough’, also had its opening. It had the concept of an escape room where players needed to use their teamwork skills in order to complete a given mission by solving quizzes and riddles. It was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall for three days, starting from 7th February 2017 until 9th February 2017.

On 8th February 2017, a ‘Stand Up Comedy’ performance was held, aiming to spread positivity and important messages through comedic skits. One of the skits shared an important message which told the audience that smoking can cause harm not only to yourself but also to the people around you. The comedians consisted of some students from the module AN-1303: Introduction to Drama and Theatre. Moroever, these students also became performers for the final activity of Breaking the Habit, an acoustic performance night called ‘Light In The Dark‘ held at Taman Rakis, UBD on 11th February 2017. Alongside the students were also guest performer Najrul Rahime and a special performer from a student of SMARTER – Hafiz. At the end of the night, the audience were told to gather and form a heart shape while holding their glow sticks. The light formation symbolises that even in darkness there will always be light when there is kindness within individuals.

In the process of making this event and reaching our objectives, bpmFASS members have managed to create stronger bonds between each other as well the UBD community and the SMARTER organisation and gained the opportunity to experience conducting an event that had an objective that was surrounded by positivity. By the end of the day, bpmFASS members had also managed to instill positivity and practiced acts of kindness within ourselves.