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Abdillah Noh


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Dr Abdillah Noh is an Associate Professor in the History and International Studies programme. He is intrigued by institutions, and the idea of institutional change and that interest has taken him to an eclectic range of projects from politics, economic, public policies to historical works.

Having worked in the realms of institutions and institutional change for many years, he is convinced of the need to appreciate and understand state or organisation’s social, political, historical and economic character before recommending any forms of institutional change. While he believes that agency is important to any institutional change process, any judgement or policy prescription must be based on a deeper appreciation of the organisation or state’s political, economic, social and historical imperatives.

He aims to collaborate with people from various research backgrounds who are equally interested in the idea of institutions and institutional change.


Research Grants and Consultations

  • Administrative Reform in the Malaysian Bureaucracy: Assessing the nature of Institutional Change in MAMPU. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme.
  • NGOs and Civil Society in Malaysia. Ministry of Education Research 2019, collaboration with the University of Malaya.
  • Consultancy with the World Bank: A Study of Malaysia Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).
  • Consultancy with the Johor State Government, Malaysia.
  • A new conceptual Framework on Representative Bureaucracy. Fundamental Research Grant, 2019.
  • Exploring the Characteristics of Research on Civil Society and Liberalism in Malaysia: Policy Implications. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme.
  • Examining Malaysia’s Parliamentary-Majoritarian System: Is There a Need for Change? Fundamental Research Grant Scheme.



Noh, A., & Yashaiya, N. (2021). Issues in public policy and administration in Malaysia: An institutional analysis. World Scientific Publication.

Book Chapters

Noh, A., & Yashaiya, N. (2018). Administrative Reform in Malaysia: Experimenting with Collaborative Governance in Farazmand, A (eds) Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance, Springer.

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Journal Papers

Noh, A. (2021). Democracy and prosperity: Reinventing capitalism through a turbulent century. Institutions and Economies, 13(1).

Noh, A. (2019). Malaysia, one year after: An interview with Syed Hamid Albar. Critical Asian Studies.

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Working Papers

Noh, A. (2016). Political change and institutional rigidity in Malaysia: Is there a way out? (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Working Paper).

Noh, A. (2013). Malaysia and the consociational option: Is there a path dependent logic? (Tun Abdul Razak School of Government (TARSOG) Working Paper No. 2013/01). Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.

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Noh, A. (2007). Remaking public participation in Singapore: Fact and substance (Faculty of Economics and Administration Working Paper No. 2007-15). University of Malaya.


Noh, A., & Chang, D. W. (2015). Johor strategic development report. Johor State Government, Malaysia.

News Articles and Op-Eds

Noh, A. (2018, March 12). Churning political storms collide: What will prove decisive in Malaysia’s election? South China Morning Post.

Noh, A. (2016, December 29). What price Malaysia’s trust deficit? The Straits Times.

Noh, A. (2015, November 9). Political change in Malaysia: Will there be a new normal? The Straits Times.

Noh, A. (2014, August 12). Malaysia’s opposition alliance under threat. The Straits Times.

Noh, A. (2013, May 3). Different highways to the Malaysian dream. TODAY.

Conference Papers

Noh, A. (2019, June). So much with representative bureaucracy, what about under-representative bureaucracy? [Conference session]. The 2019 IIAS-LIEN Conference: Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance, Singapore.

Noh, A. (2019, November). Festival of Ideas 2019: Governance for the Future: Asia’s Perspective. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore

Noh, A. (2018, September). Close, but no cigar: Malaysia’s effort at driving co-creation in public policy [Conference paper]. The 2018 EGPA Annual Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Noh, A. (2018, March). Administrative reform in Malaysia: Experimenting with deliverology [Conference paper]. AAPA Conference 2018, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.


The 2019 IIAS-LIEN Conference — Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance. Singapore (June 2019).

Festival of Ideas 2019 — Governance for the Future: Asia’s Perspective. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore (November 2019).

The 2018 EGPA Annual Conference — Swiss Public Administration – Making the State Work Successfully. Lausanne, Switzerland (September 2018).

The 2018 AAPA Conference — Reinventing Public Administration in a Globalized World: A Non-Western Perspective. Jogjakarta, Indonesia (March 2018).

Professional Experience and Appointments

  1. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia
  2. Associate Professor and Deputy Dean, Tun Abdul Razak School of Government, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
  3. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  4. Imam Termizi Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OXCIS), University of Oxford
  5. Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore
  6. Visiting Research Fellow, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy, Murdoch University
  7. Guest Editor, Special issue of the Journal of Administrative Culture (Scopus indexed)
  8. Editorial Board Member, Journal of Institutions and Economies (Scopus Indexed)
  9. Consultant for State Government, Johor, Malaysia (2015)
  10. Consultant for World Bank (Technical and Vocational Educational Training in Malaysia) (2011)
  11. Chairman, Conference on Malaysia’s General Election 2013, Organised by Tun Abdul Razak School of Government, June 8-9 2015
  12. Panel speaker for Malaysia’s General Election 2018, organized by International Islamic University Malaysia
  13. Co-Chair, Working Group Panel on Islam and Public Administration ( 22nd Network of Institute and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe)