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Films and Tourism

On 28 August 2018, Dr. Yong Liu presented a FASS seminar titled ‘The Possibility and potentiality of Brunei’s Film-induced Tourism Development’.

Images from Gema Dari Menara (1968) courtesy of Mervin Espina

In this retrospective from the perspective of a touristic lens, from Brunei’s first feature film, Gema Dari Menara (1968), up to recently-made Bruneian feature films such as Ada Apa Dengan Rina, Rina 2 and Abdul Zainidi’s short horror trilogy, Dr. Yong Liu discussed the potential of film-induced tourism in Brunei based on the government policy guide and viable co-operation between local filmmakers, the tourism sector, and travel agencies.

Images from Rina 2 (2017, Dir. Harlif HJ Mohamad) courtesy of Producer Nurain Abdullah